Collin Downing – Pastor, Community Organizer, Trouble-Maker

Growing up here in Colorado Springs I have always had a sense of a higher or spiritual reality gained from just being in the vast and beautiful mountains we are lucky to have here.  I am also fascinated with the Christian concept of a God who not only created this wonderful world but was also willing to become a human named Jesus Christ and intervene when people damaged themselves and his created world.  I have grown to trust and believe in this God as he has walked with me through some very dark times as well as celebrated life’s many joys with me.  I don’t lead this spiritual community because I have all the answers or think I’m perfect (far from both), but because I believe God has asked us all to help one another grow in our spiritual journeys toward him.  Please join us sometime in the Wayfarers’ Chapel community so we can learn and live life well, together!



Cathy Van de Casteele – Children’s Pastor

My name is Cathy Van de Casteele and I am the Wayfarers Chapel Children’s Pastor.  My husband, Mike, and I have lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years and have three young kids.  I enjoy having the opportunity to encourage the children at Wayfarers Chapel on their spiritual journey through play, stories, crafts, and games.  Another vital part of my mission is to support parents as the primary spiritual teacher of their child and to equip them to fulfill this calling.